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NevarokML: Machine Learning for Unreal Engine

Welcome to NevarokML, the advanced plugin that brings the power of machine learning to Unreal Engine. NevarokML allows you to seamlessly train machine learning models right from within the Unreal Engine environment using stable-baselines3.

With NevarokML, you have access to a wide range of supported algorithms, including PPO, A2C, DDPG, DQN, SAC, and TD3, enabling you to choose the one that best suits your needs. The plugin also supports multi-agent training and multi-environment training, offering flexibility and scalability in your machine learning endeavors.

Train your models using NevarokML using either C++ or Blueprints, providing developers with the freedom to utilize their preferred programming approach. Whether you're an experienced coder or a visual scripting enthusiast, NevarokML supports you in creating intelligent systems within Unreal Engine.

After training your models, NevarokML allows you to import them into Unreal Engine as NNEModelData, seamlessly integrating them into your game or simulation. These trained models can be deployed and shipped to platforms supported by Unreal's Neural Network Engine (NNE), unlocking new possibilities for intelligent and immersive experiences.

NevarokML goes beyond gaming and simulation. It can be a powerful tool for solving game design issues and training intelligent non-player characters (NPCs). Its applications are virtually limitless, opening doors to innovation and creativity in various fields.

Explore the endless possibilities of machine learning in Unreal Engine with NevarokML. Start leveraging its capabilities today and unlock a new level of intelligent virtual experiences.