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NevarokML: MultiBinary Space

The NevarokML plugin provides a MultiBinary space implementation, representing a single-dimensional MultiBinary space in Stable Baselines3.

MultiBinary Space Overview

The MultiBinary space in NevarokML corresponds to the MultiBinary space in Stable Baselines3. It represents an n-shape binary space, where the argument n defines the number of elements in the space.

  • owner: The owner object of the space (usually the object creating the space).
  • size (Number of Elements): The size of the multi binary space.

MultiBinary Space Creation

To create a MultiBinary space in NevarokML, use the following factory function:

#include "Spaces/NevarokMLSpace.h"

UFUNCTION(BlueprintPure, Category = "NevarokML|Space")
static UNevarokMLSpace* MultiBinary(UObject* owner, int32 size = 1)

To create a MultiBinary space, call the MultiBinary factory function and provide the required parameters. The function will return an instance of the UNevarokMLSpace class, representing the MultiBinary space.