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NevarokML: UNevarokMLSample

The UNevarokMLSample class represents a sample or observation in the NevarokML plugin. It encapsulates the data associated with a sample, such as discrete values, continuous values, multi-discrete values, multi-binary values, and box values.


The UNevarokMLSample class provides methods to interact with the data stored in a sample. It allows you to retrieve and set values for different types of spaces, perform validation checks, clear the sample data, and shift values within a stack.

Samples are commonly used in reinforcement learning tasks to represent observations or states of an agent within an environment. They capture the information necessary for training and evaluating machine learning models.

The NevarokML plugin offers convenient methods to create samples associated with specific space types. You can access the sample's space object, which provides information about the structure and properties of the space associated with the sample.

API Reference

For detailed information on the API of the UNevarokMLSample class, refer to the following documentation pages:


The UNevarokMLSample class serves as a fundamental building block in NevarokML for working with samples or observations. It provides a flexible interface for accessing and modifying the data within a sample, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into your machine learning workflows.