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NevarokML: ContinuousStack Space

The NevarokML plugin provides a ContinuousStack space implementation, which represents a stack of continuous values. This space is useful for tasks where the agent needs to maintain a memory of continuous values.

ContinuousStack Space Overview

The ContinuousStack space in NevarokML extends the functionality of the Continuous space by adding a stack dimension. It allows you to stack multiple instances of the continuous spaces values, creating a memory of continuous values.

  • owner: Represents the owner of the space object, usually the object creating the space.
  • size: The size of the continuous space.
  • min: An array of minimum values for each dimension of the continuous space.
  • max: An array of maximum values for each dimension of the continuous space.
  • stack: The size of the stack. Specifies how many instances of the continuous action space are stacked.


Here is the API for the ContinuousStack space in NevarokML, along with the corresponding default parameter settings:

#include "Spaces/NevarokMLSpace.h"

UFUNCTION(BlueprintPure, Category = "NevarokML|Space")
static UNevarokMLSpace* ContinuousStack(UObject* owner, int size, const TArray<float>& min, const TArray<float>& max, int stack = 1);

To create a ContinuousStack space, call the ContinuousStack factory function and provide the required parameters. The function will return an instance of the UNevarokMLSpace class, representing the ContinuousStack space.