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NevarokML: Supported Platforms

NevarokML, the powerful machine learning plugin for Unreal Engine, supports various platforms for deploying your AI-driven projects. With NevarokML, you can create intelligent and adaptive virtual experiences that can be enjoyed by users on different devices and operating systems. Here is a list of supported platforms for NevarokML:

Windows: NevarokML supports Windows as the primary platform for training machine learning models. You can leverage the full range of NevarokML's training capabilities on Windows machines.

Unreal Engine Supported Platforms: Once the models are trained, they can be imported into Unreal Engine and used on any platform supported by Unreal Engine itself. For more information about supported platforms please refer to Official Unreal Engine NNE documentation

NevarokML's compatibility with Unreal Engine's supported platforms allows you to deploy your AI-powered projects across multiple devices and operating systems, ensuring a wider reach for your applications.


Please note that while training models is currently supported only on Windows machines, the trained models can be imported and utilized on any platform supported by Unreal Engine's Neural Network Engine (NNE). This provides flexibility in developing and deploying your machine learning projects across various platforms.


It's important to refer to the specific documentation and guidelines provided by Unreal Engine for each platform to ensure compatibility and optimize performance when using NevarokML on different devices.

Harness the power of NevarokML and Unreal Engine to create compelling and intelligent virtual experiences on a range of supported platforms. Expand your audience and deliver immersive AI-driven applications to users worldwide.