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Reporting a documentation issue

If you have identified an inconsistency, lack of clarity, or room for improvement in our documentation, we appreciate your effort in helping us maintain the quality of our documentation. To report a documentation issue, please follow the steps below:

We appreciate your commitment to improving our documentation. Our team will review the issue and work towards resolving the inconsistency or making the necessary improvements. Thank you for your contribution!

Report a documentation issue

Please thoroughly read the following guide before creating a new documentation issue, and provide the following information as part of the issue:


  • Create a concise and informative title that accurately describes the documentation issue. Include relevant keywords to facilitate searching in the issue tracker.


  • Provide a clear and concise summary of the inconsistency or issue you encountered in the documentation. Explain why you believe the documentation should be adjusted and describe the severity of the issue. Keep the description brief and to the point.
  • Share the links to the specific documentation section that needs adjustment or improvement. If applicable, include any related links or anchor links (permanent links) to other relevant sections. This helps us understand the context and identify areas for improvement.

Proposed change (optional)

  • If you have specific ideas or proposals for improving the documentation, you can provide them in this section. It can be a rough outline or a concrete proposal. While this field is optional, your suggestions can be valuable for both maintainers and the community.


Before submitting the issue, review the checklist to ensure you have followed all the guidelines and provided all the necessary information.