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Requesting a change for NevarokML

Thank you for considering submitting a change request for NevarokML. We appreciate your interest in contributing to the project and want to ensure that your proposed change aligns with our guidelines and benefits the community. Before creating a change request, please review the following guidelines to help us understand your idea and evaluate its potential implementation.

We look forward to reviewing your change request and working together to improve NevarokML.

Before creating an issue

Before investing your time in submitting a change request, please answer the following questions to determine if your idea is suitable for NevarokML and aligns with the project's philosophy and goals:

Purpose of the change

  • Change requests should focus on suggesting improvements, new features, or addressing existing limitations within NevarokML. It is important to understand that change requests are not intended for reporting bugs, as they require specific information for debugging.

Source of inspiration

  • If you have seen your idea implemented in other machine learning libraries or frameworks, gather enough information about its implementation. Explain what aspects you like and dislike about the implementation, as this helps us evaluate its potential fit.

Benefit for the community

  • NevarokML aims to serve a wide range of users in the machine learning community. When evaluating new ideas, it's essential to consider the potential impact and benefit for other users. Seek input from the community and consider alternative viewpoints to ensure the proposed change benefits a larger audience.

Issue template

Once you have completed the preliminary work and ensured that your idea meets our requirements, you can proceed with creating a change request using the following guide:


  • Create a concise and descriptive title that summarizes your idea in one sentence. The title should reflect the potential impact and benefit for the NevarokML community.

Context (optional)

  • If necessary, provide additional context to help us understand your objectives and the circumstances in which you are using NevarokML. Please refrain from describing the change request in this section.


  • Provide a detailed and clear description of your idea. Focus on explaining why your idea is relevant to NevarokML and how it can improve the library's functionality or address existing limitations. Keep the description concise and avoid over-describing the idea. If you have multiple unrelated ideas, create separate change requests for each.
  • If there are any relevant links to discussions, issues, or documentation sections related to your change request, please include them. This will provide additional context and help us evaluate the feedback and input already provided by the community.

Use cases

  • Explain how your proposed change would work from the perspective of NevarokML users. Describe the expected impact and benefits for not only yourself but also other users. Consider any potential implications on existing functionality and whether the change may break any existing features.

Visuals (optional)

  • If you have any visuals, such as diagrams, screenshots, or examples, that can help illustrate your proposed change, please include them in this section. Visuals can provide additional clarity and help maintainers better understand your idea.


Thanks for following the change request guide for NevarokML. This section ensures that you have read this guide and have provided all the necessary information for us to review your proposed change. We appreciate your contribution, and we will take it from here.